2-17 September 2016
Adventure trip to Kamchatka from Israel:
«Volcanoes, bears and helicopters»

Adventure journeys of «Pooh» have been organized since 2005 for Russian speaking Israelis. This year we are glad to invite also those travelers who don’t speak Russian. Moreover Kamchatka is such a wonderful place which we want to share with you.
Interpreter service is provided for the whole journey.

Kamchatka Krai astonishes by its amazing scenery and unique atmosphere. There is a huge amount of outstanding natural sites: boiling geysers, majestic volcanoes, sparkling crater lakes, thermal and mineral springs. You can also see lots of interesting wild animals here.

Active and creative program, or what you will go through:

Helicopter flight to the Valley of Geysers which is perhaps the most famous place in Kamchatka. The Valley of Geysers is hidden in one of the remote places of the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve, it is possible to reach only by helicopter. You fly over 200 km over the tundra, volcanoes, mountain ranges, taiga rivers and lakes and find yourself in the world full of mysteries and puzzles, alluring for its beauty and amazing imagination.
1. Helidrome on Kamchatka
2. Volcano Karymsky
3. Crater of Maly Semyachik volcano
4. View from the helicopter window
5. Panorama of the Valley of Geysers
6. Mud pots in the Valley of Geysers

Uzon Caldera is a cirque bowl with rapid walls and a flat bottom. It was formed as a result of the failure of the top of the volcano. This caldera differs from the crater in the origin and larger size.
Now caldera is covered by hilly tundra, where you can see thermal fields without plants and lakes.
There are thousands of hot springs of different shapes and sizes on the thermal fields.
1. Thermal fields with hot springs
2. Hot mud pots in Uzon Caldera
3. Bear footprints across the thermal field

Flying by helicopter to Kuril Lake. Kuril Lake is one of the most remarkable natural sites of Kamchatka. It is an outstanding beautiful spot, where you can see the salmon hunt of Kamchatka bears.
An active stratovolcano Ilyinsky with an impressively correct conical top is located on the north-eastern part of the lake.
The western shore of the lake is framed by a volcanic extrusion named “Diky Greben”, which means “Wild Spine”. Volcanoes there are reflected on the surface of the lake as in a mirror when the weather is clear. It creates a spectacular scenery!
1. Volcanoes and bears!
2. She-bear is swimming to catch some fish
3. Two-year-old bear cubs are following mum 🙂
4. Cutter is waiting for passengers for a boat trip to Kuril Lake
5. «Pooh» group is enjoying the views from the cutter
6. Stratovolcano Ilyinsky is reflected on the surface of Kuril Lake

Lakes in the caldera of Ksudach volcano — Kliuchevskoe and Shtubel. Lakes are separated by a very narrow tongue of land so they can be mistaken for one. Kliuchevskoe Lake surprises! When you deep your hands in water it is cool. If you burrow into sand you feel hot water!
1. Helicopter view to Vilyuchik volcano
2. Shtubel Lake
3. Kliuchevskoe Lake

Bathing in hot springs. Dzenzur springs are located at the base of the volcano with the same name. Also you will visit Malkinskie and Paratunski springs. Khodutka River — in its direction there are hot springs disemboguing, so the river flows hot for about two kilometers.
1. Dzenzur volcano
2. Hot Khodutka river
3. Famous lenticular clouds

Alhalalalay is a celebration of native folks of Kamchatka. Festival begins with a Kutkh Crow rite, which is considered the progenitor of Kamchatka by Itelmes.
The next part of it is a national dance performance. It also includes contests for the best mistress, the best dish, the best fish and animal tanner, master class of national dance and a competition of Itelmes grimaces.
The central event of Alhalalalay is a dance championship of native folks. A winning couple is the one which will dance non-stop longest.
You can not only watch but also participate! It was a wonderful experience of the last trip, when the group «Pooh» won the competition of grimaces!
1. Grand opening of Alhalalalay
2. Grimaces is an important part of Itelmes’ dances
3. Kamchatka folk dances

Boat trip around the Avacha. The Avacha Bay is recognized as the largest and most beautiful bay in the world. It’s enclosed by hills and snowy mountain peaks and is able to fit a fleet of the whole world! There is a huge number of nests of endemic birds. The small bays have a unique line and cliffs covered with legends!
1. Group of cliffs called «Three brothers» is guarding the city
2. Towards the winds of the Pacific Ocean
3. Island of birds in the Avacha Bay

Climbing the volcano Mutnovsky, one of the largest volcanoes in southern Kamchatka. Mutnovsky is famous for climbing on the top inside the volcano itself! The feeling that you are in the center of the world, and the lava is about to break through from under your feet! There are hissing fumaroles inside a deep gap, surrounded by bright yellow collars of sulfur crystals, hot bubbling mud pots, boiling lakes and small geysers. All of this exotic, surrounded by cliffs with hanging glacier blue, bubbles, hisses, spits hot spray and produces clouds of steam and hydrogen sulfide. The Vulkannaya river flows through a lava field and falls into a deep canyon «Opasniy» forming a spectacular waterfall!
1. Stop at the base of Vilyuchik volcano on the road to Mutnovsky volcano
2. Snow stroll while vehicle is going across the caldera
3. Fumaroles with collars of sulfur crystals
4. Rocks in the boiling stream are also covered with sulfur
5. View to gorge where Opasny falls into
6. The Opasny waterfall

The rise on the top of the volcanic extrusion called Camel, which is located between the Avacha and Koryak volcanoes. You’ll meet the local marmots (squirrels) there!
Extrusion is a geological body formed as a result of squeezing the lava to the surface. It is a rocky massif with two sharp peaks so that’s why it’s called Camel.
1. Road to the Camel mount goes through the coulee of the river
2. Water brought some pumicate
3. Marmots
4. There is a Koryak volcano behind the back
5. There is a Camel mountain on the left and Avacha volcano on the right
6. Climbing on the snow patch

A trip to the Khalaktyrsky beach. This beach is notable for its unusual sand. Its volcanic origin made it completely black! The majestic Pacific Ocean is stretching through the horizon … it feels like you stand on the edge of the world.
1. Kamchatka breakfast before leaving!
2. Black sands of the Khalaktyrsky beach
3. Mighty waves of the Pacific Ocean

Rafting on the Bystraya river with fishing and an overnight stay.
This water route is easy, which is suitable for those who have no prior experience in rafting.
But it allows you to see the delights of Kamchatka nature which is not available to reach otherwise. This is a great opportunity to admire the Kamchatka’s tall grass, bizarre rocky cliffs, small flowering glades and slender birches. It is possible to fish both in the direction of travel from the raft, and from the shore.
1. The Bystraya river is very picturesque while rafting
2. You can fish that much!
3. Outflow of the purest water

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is the city which situated on high hills and surrounded by volcanoes.
Volcanoes Avachinskiy, Koryak, Kozelskiy, Arik and Aag are only a few dozen kilometers from the town and create the city’s famous skyline. The locals affectionately call them «domestic volcanoes». Our program includes the historical center, the promenade, monuments and viewing platforms. And, of course, the fish market. You will also see Petropavlovsk bird’s-eye view, from a helicopter window.
1. Freshly-caught crabs are one the most delicatessen on Kamchatka!
2. Petropavlovsk’s esplanade
3. «Domestic» volcanoes Avachinskiy and Koryak

Accommodation and food:

Accommodation is in the hunting lodge for the “Pooh” only.
It is a two-storey wooden house with a large kitchen, living room and loggia. The kitchen is fully equipped and includes a washing machine.
The house is surrounded by 30 acres’ area, on which there is a summer house and a sauna. The house also has a garage where you can dry things.

The house is cozy and comfortable, decorated with a creative approach with wooden paneling and more.
Three course meals daily are served. It’s tasty and deli! There are farming vegetables and dairy products, fish and seafood, fresh seasonal berries — honeysuckle, raspberry, cranberries on the menu. And, of course, you’ll have a plenty of the famous Kamchatka caviar!
1. Kamchatka-style snack
2. Wooden panel is a part of decor of the lodge
3. Kamchtka soup with squid is our picnic after climbing

Essential personal gear for the trip:

— warm, long, windproof and waterproof jacket with a hood and cuffs on sleeves;
— set of warm clothes (a sweater, trousers, socks, a cap, a scarf, gloves);
— comfortable trekking shoes with a thick rigid sole, high enough to well fix the foot;
— comfortable sports pants, in which you can move freely, made of lightweight quick drying material;
— bathing accessories;
— backpack;
— headlamp, spare batteries;
— personal meds;
— sunglasses, cream against the sun, panama;
— anti-mosquito remedies;
— shoes for change (sneakers and slippers);
— a small bottle for water or thermos for tea.

Conditions of participation:

Be fit with prior experience with «Pooh» or a personal interview.

The cost of the trip is $ 4,500 plus airfare.

The price includes: comfortable accommodation in a lodge; overnight in small houses on the Bystraya river; three meals a day at the recreation center; lunches and snacks on the routes; all transportation (water, air and land transport); escort by instructors and guides; the author’s program.

* All photographs used in page design were taken by participants on our «Pooh» tour 2015, — Pavel Gurevich and Yulia Uvarova.


Kamchatka is an extraordinary place! It is very special for me, because my parents met each other there in 1973 on a trip to the Valley of Geysers! To look at it with my own eyes was my dream. And it came true! And then some! It was a program full of interesting and friendly people, games, jokes, master classes, karaoke! Everything was tasty (very tasty!), exciting, colorful, exotic…. The program was excellent: all-out days alternated with the rest ones. Sauna! Lots of impressions! Our cozy wooden house… the weather was just a pleasure for us. It’s hard to say what we liked the most, but I’ll try: the folklore Alkhalalalai festival, the Uzon caldera, the Camel extrusion, the bear reserve and the Valley of Geysers. And my birthday! One of the most unusual! Thanks to the organizers and our team! Fondly recall this trip. Hugs to everyone 🙂

Julia (link to the Julia’s Facebook account)


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